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The newest community in the area, Goodview has grown quickly from a subdivision to a fully functioning village.

Visitor Information

Get your questions answered at the Winona Visitors Center (924 Huff St.; 507.452.2278).


The village of Goodview is a just a kid, albeit a quickly growing one (like many of our children in the US). Built as a housing subdivision called Goodview by Clarence Witt, residents organized in 1946 and voted to incorporate as a village when there were 336 residents spread over 789 acres. Goodview has been primarily a residential community for most of its existence, with the biggest growth happening after World War II. The village created the fire department in 1953 (Leo Borkowski was the first chief) but didn’t hire its first full-time police officer until 1974.

Exploring the Area

Sports & Recreation

Goodview manages LaCanne Park (6280 US Highway 61), a lovely space on a small lake with a playground, picnicking, basketball courts, paved multi-use path, and a swimming beach.

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