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Dresbach is part old river town and part new suburban community with few attractions for visitors.

Visitor Information

The Interstate 90 rest area near Dresbach has a stock of brochures for the local area, as well as the entire state of Minnesota.


Ashel Pearse built a log cabin in 1833, one of many French settlers who worked out a deal with Native Americans to live here for a while. The town got its name from one George B. Dresbach, Sr., an Ohio native who, in 1857, bought the earlier claims and invested $50,000 of his own cash to start a village. Mr. Dresbach was a busy man; he started a quarry and a brickyard and served in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

The village platting kick-started some interest in development: in 1857 eleven houses were built and the town got its first general store and post office. Dresbach’s effort to develop a bustling town, however, was never the success he hoped; he lost most of his money in the process and died with little material wealth.